Amet varius aliquam

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H1 header

Aenean ornare1 velit lacus, “ac varius enim lorem” ullamcorper dolore. Proin aliquam facilisis ante interdum. Sed nulla amet lorem feugiat tempus aliquam.

H2 header

Aenean ornare velit lacus, ac varius enim lorem ullamcorper dolore. Proin2 aliquam facilisis ante interdum. Sed nulla amet lorem3 feugiat tempus aliquam.

And some math

The following is a math block:

But next comes a paragraph with an inline math statement:

So math $$ 5 + 5 $$ snd live goes on…

Some heavy math

  1. Some crazy footnote definition. 

  2. Some two crazy footnote definition. 

  3. Some three crazy footnote definition. 

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